12 August 2009


Howard Dean.


There was a "meteor shower" last night.

That meant setting my alarm for 2:55 a.m. (in the morning), and taking my wife and dogs outside to watch five or six shooting stars.

Even so, still beautiful.

I'm teaching a class tonight on Christianity in American history.  Alot of quotes and what not.

I'm doing less actual lecturing and trying to get them to think about things that aren't always fun to think about.  We live in a different country now than a couple hundred years ago.  I have them split into two groups and discuss things that don't really have a right answer.  Adam will have a field day with tonight's topic (until he finds out that I most likely agree with him).

The idea is that abortion is not mentioned in the healthcare legislation.  Now, first off, I don't think Obama is some He-Man Baby Eater, get that straight.  There is however legal precedent that if something is not expressly excluded from legislation, it is implied that it is included.  So, somewhere down the road, someone will bring this case forward and prove that abortion should be covered by their universal healthcare.

And they will be right.

If it is not excluded, it in included, and so it should be.  This is also how the case for secession is made, by the way.


The question I will ask is whether or not we should be alright with paying for an abortion with tax money.

But wait, aren't we alright with paying for capital punishment with tax dollars?

What about all of the people who oppose the death penalty?  Is that fair to them?

No.  It isn't.

The difference is in the details.  Capital punishment is within the state's rights to determine.  The healthcare reform will be federal (I don't believe it should be, as the power should rest with the states, but that's a whole other conversation).

So, in this case, I would be opposed to both, on principle.

Interested to hear what ya'll think.

More later!

11 August 2009

In Memory Of Those On Board The Death Star

I was awakened by my dogs telling me that my roommate was "breaking into our house", albeit with her key, at 5:15 this morning.

I'd like to stop there and say that I hate when people say "a.m. in the morning".  It's retarded, like saying "I've been up since 5:15 a.m. in the morning".  That's when a.m. is.  The morning.

Anyway, I went out into the hall with a pistol, found out it was my roommate, and went back to bed.  Not to sleep, but to bed.  Sleep didn't return to me until 7 something a.m.  In the morning...

Chris Hardwick just said "I always get tricked into thinking that fantasy football is something with wizards, and I'm always disappointed."  He's a funny guy.  Check him out on G4TV on Web Soup, and Attack Of The Show this week.

So, Luke Skywalker is decidedly a bad person, real or not.  Not.

We were watching A New Hope last night and realized that he blew up the Death Star, along with all of the Empire employees on board, all without remorse.  He got back to Rebel base and just accepted everyone's cheering that he's a hero.  Yes, he was a hero, but what sort?

Maybe this is because the late seventies/early eighties were an easier time.  The bad guys were bad and we wanted them blown up with "state of the art" special effects.  We live now in an age of flawed heroes and sympathetic bad guys, and we have remorse when the bad guy suffers.

Even so, I guess the question is, "Were the thousands of employees on board the Death Star innocent or not?".

No matter what, give that guy a medal (in widescreen format)!

What do you think?

And finally, opinions on health care?

How about Glenn Beck?

Let's get political!  Maybe not...

10 August 2009

And So, A Beginning

My name is Josh, and this is my first blog.

I spent 10 minutes writing that line.  Introductions are boring and awkward things.

I taught a class the other day about whether or not the American Revolution is properly named.  Was it really a revolution?

What would you say?

I say no.

I think it was a secession.  We declared independence after many failed envoys to the King.

Stupid King.

Then we fought our way out of the hole dug for us by another kingdom.

Just a thought.  I'd be interested to know what you think.

Anyway.  I saw G.I. Joe this past weekend.

Aside from the cheesy lines, some poor action sequences (i.e. high stepping through the streets of France), Channing Tatum, cameos from Brendan Frasier and the guy who played Imhotep (yes, we know, you also directed the Mummy.  This is not something to brag about.  In fact, you should be glad they still allow you to make anything), and a less-than thought out plot, it wasn't that bad.

I think it had to be that way.  G.I. Joe is straight up jock.  As such, the movie had to be as well.  Conversely, Transformers was a hardcore geek kid show, so the movie should have been more in that vein.  I don't know how I feel about you Michael Bay.  I just don't know.

Again, correct me as needed.  Or assuage my ego and agree with me.  The former is welcome, the latter appreciated.

I kid.


Well, thank you for reading.  Yes, you.  The one person reading this.

I just hope that line wasn't talking to myself.


One last thing, a favor to me.  Please click my advertisements.  They help my wife and I make a living.  Also, they save animals, children, space, air, education, and Ray Liotta, or whatever else you're into.  Well, they don't, but it's fun to pretend...

More later.